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9th Induction

The 9th induction took place Friday, April 21st at 5:30pm at the Schorr Center.  The new inductees are:

  • Jared Nightingale
  • Ayush Manish Agrawal
  • Cale Eston Harms
  • Andrew Badami
  • Collin Victor
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8th Induction

We had our 8th Induction on October 23rd, 2015 and inducted 15 new members (our largest induction yet!)
  • Matthew DeHaven
  • Amanda Dee Halek
  • Rebecca Horzewski
  • Elton Chern Khang Kee
  • Yichang Liang
  • Adam Lif
  • Qicheng Lin
  • Jacob Pribnow
  • Anthony Prokop
  • Davis Rempe
  • Zachary T Smith
  • Aneesh Verenkar
  • Tianyi Wang
  • Shichun Wang
  • Hao Yang

Welcome everyone!

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7th Induction

We would like to welcome the 8 new members into Upsilon Pi Epsilon.  The new members are:
  • Nicole Rose Janousek
  • Ethan Johnson
  • Jennifer Kruse
  • Zeth Schlenker
  • Branden Smith
  • Bryan Tarantino
  • Derek Von Seggern
  • Aaron John Wollman
We held the induction on the second floor of the Schorr Center, and had a great turnout!
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UPE Officers 2013-2014

During the meeting on September 18th, 2013, we reaffirmed  the current officers, and elected vacant seats. Here are the list of UPE officers for 2013-2014

Advisor: Dr. Charles Riedesel
President: Robert Woodward 
Vice President: Libin Jia
Secretary: Davis Goodin
Treasurer: Mai Pham 
Historian: Tai Le

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Sixth Induction

For 2013, we changed from having spring inductions to having fall inductions to allow members more time to be active members of our chapter of Upsilon Pi Epsilon.  For our sixth induction at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, we induced 10 new members into Upsilon Pi Epsilon. The new members are:

  • Jordan Brown
  • Xi Chen
  • Davis Goodin
  • Brian Grieg
  • Chase Heble
  • Nathan Kimmel
  • Tai Le
  • Brett Newkirk
  • Daniel Rogge
  • Sam Troxel
We would like to welcome all the new members into Upsilon Pi Epsilon, and look forward to seeing you at our meetings and working on some great new projects!
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Website Re-launch

If you are reading this, then you have found our new website!  We have converted to using the UNLcms system to manage our website.
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Fifth Induction

Last Tuesday,we used our prototype name display for the CSE Awards Ceremony and it was a huge success.

Today is our fifth induction as the Alpha Chapter of Nebraska.  We again held the ceremony in the Schorr center at 6:30pm.  We inducted eight new members this year.

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UPE Annual Convention in Raleigh, NC

Jason Gaare and Dr. Riedesel represented the University of Nebraska-Lincoln chapter of Upsilon Pi Epsilon at the UPE Annual Convention, held in conjunction with ACM's SIGCSE 2012 this year in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Our chapter of UPE this year is creating a project to assist with the graduation commencement.  The goal is to display each student's name next on the screen as the student crosses the stage.  A prototype of this project has been build, with the hopes to be used in-house by the CSE graduation event, and hope to expand it University-wide in the coming year.

The technology used to display the name is a QR-code reader that encodes each students name, which is read by a web-cam and Java program to decode the QR-code and display the name on the screen.

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UPE Annual Convention in Dallas, TX

Our chapter once again drove to the UPE Annual Convention which was held in conjunction with ACM's SIGCSE 2011 Technical Symposium on Education in Computing Sciences in Dallas, TX.

This year, the Upsilon Pi Epsilon project has once again been for University of Nebraska-Lincoln advising.  The project this year consists of creating an online note-taking system for advisors.  This system's goal is to replace the existing paper files of students, giving students a new digital file.

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3rd Inductions

Our next initiation is schedule to be held at 5pm on April 16th in the Schorr Center.  If you were invited to join, please respond by Tuesday, April 6th, 2010.